Fashion FYI: Don’t You Dare Pronounce Chanel Wrong

I admit, I consider myself a pretty “fashion forward” individual, but when I was listening to this ( interview with Laura Brown and Leandra Medine and heard them both pronounce GIVE-inchy as ZHEE-von-SHE, I nearly lost my shit. How could I have been BUTCHERING the Givenchy name for years – without a single person correcting my ignorance? I marveled at the idea that maybe, just maybe, there were more brands I had been pronouncing incorrectly all these years. Fortunately, Givenchy and DREEZ van NO-ten (Dries van Noten) were the only two names I have been fumbling with, but, I figured it was only fair to address the other commonly mispronounced brands:

ANNA SUI \swee\
HERMÈS \er-mez\
MARCHESA \mar-kay-sah\
BALENCIAGA \ba-len-see-ah-ga\
MIU MIU \mew-mew\
GUCCI \goo-chee\
LOUIS VUITTON \lou-ee VEE-tonn\
LANVIN \ lahn-vahn\ PETER SOM \sahm\
YVES SAINT LAURENT \eve sanh la-rahn\
PROENZA SCHOULER \pro-en-za skooler\
RODARTE \ro-dar-tay\
CHANEL \sha-nell\
SONIA RYKIEL \ree-kee-el\
ILLAMASQUA \ill-ah-moss-kwa\
THAKOON \ta-koon\

Please tell me I’m not the only one who has embarrassed myself mispronouncing these designers! Are there any notable names that you have trouble saying?

xx Christina Monroe



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