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8 Best Costumes for Halloween 2013

Halloween is only a few weekends away, with parties springing up left and right leaving you in quick need of a great costume. These are some great costumes that (unless they live under a rock) everybody will get a kick out of . Have some fun, these require character commitment.

  • Lorde: Wear very minimal clothes but have hair resembling Teresa from Real Housewives of NJ but BIGGER. Speak in a New Zealand accent and constantly try and sing in harmony with yourself. Mention often how poor you are. Never smile.
  • Piper Chapman: Wear orange jumpsuit and act very scared of your surroundings. Talk about your husband. Occasionally wink at women.

  • Carrie:  Wear princess-pink prom dress covered in blood. Stare like a lunatic at people and them push them over “with your mind”.
  • Miley Cyrus: Wear anything you want, as long as there is very little of it and your tongue is out. Never. Stop. Twerking.
  • Khaleesi: Wear brown shreds, long blonde wig (same as Donatella with less bangs). If anyone asks you who you are, walk around screaming “I AM KHALEESI. WHERE ARE MY DRAGONS?!”

  • Spring Breaker: String bikini and neon pink ski mask. Optional AK-47. Master your best, “Sprang braaaaaake foreeeeever” and play throwback Britney from mini speakers.
  • Daisy from the Great Gatsby: Wear a cute flapper’s dress covered in jewels. Look around as if you are confused and giggle often. Whenever somebody mentions “The Great Gatsby” give out a shriek and look around in a panic. Whisper, “Where’s Gatsby?!” Be a beautiful little fool.

  • Lady Gaga at the 2013 VMAs: Wear an all white mumu, white piece of cardboard surrounding your face,  and never lose the expression on your face of complete confusion of your surroundings. Constantly remind people to pre-order ARTPOP on iTunes.

Disclaimer: We take no responsibility for any embarrassment/trouble with the law you might experience if you actually do choose to be Miley Cyrus. Happy Halloweening!

— Garrett Nickell


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