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Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: Other Peoples Property Round 2

As mentioned in many of my previous posts, Other Peoples Property, a local vintage shop, hosts a seasonal “Swap & Shop” event and this fall’s event is coming up this Friday, September 20th! Every season they host these events to reduce our fashion foot print and I’d say they’re very successful at it! Personally, I have obtained many staple pieces and entire outfits every time I attend. I’m also able to lighten my closet’s load to make room for each upcoming season and with fall on the horizon, I’m making room for all the scarfs and comfy sweaters that are soon to come!

This swap and shop is going to be a little different from previous ones. They’re now expanding to the Rollins College (330 West Fairbanks Ave Winter Park, FL 32789) but don’t worry: it’s open to the public! Also, they’re partnering with Urban ReThink for the addition of a book swap! Now you can pick up some popular reads you’ve been waiting to get your hands on.

If you want to partake in the swap, here’s what you’ve got to do:

Collect your old clothes, accessories, shoes, books, etc. and drop them off to either CREDO Coffeehouse (706 W. Smith St. Orlando FL, 32804) OR Urban ReThink (625 E Central Blvd Orlando, FL 32801). If you drop your items off at these locations before the 20th, you’ll only have to pay a flat entry rate of $10. If you’re unable to make it to these locations – don’t worry- you’re able to drop off you items up until 7 p.m. on the 20th, at the event location, 330 West Fairbanks Ave Winter Park, FL 32789 but the entry fee will be $15. To make things run smoothly, try to drop off as early as possible! On the day of the event show up between 6 p.m. – 7 p.m. for registration. This is where you’ll pay the entry fee depending on when you dropped off your items and you’ll receive a free reusable tote bag from for all your goodies. At 7 p.m. the swap begins and you’ll be let into the swap where you can take anything and everything your heart desires.


Now, it’s not called a swap and shop for no reason. There’s also a “shop” portion! Other Peoples Property will be setting up a popup shop to bring you some of the best vintage in Orlando! If you weren’t able to find everything you were looking for at the swap, they’ll probably have it! On top of providing awesome styles, they give back with every purchase. They donate 15% of every purchase to charity:water ( which is a charity makes clean water available to more than a billion people that currently don’t. Also, on select items 100% proceeds go to Mission of Hope in Haiti ( As they like to say, “Let your shopping do a little giving”.

With all that said, start cleaning out your closets and if you can drop off early enough, $10 is a small price for how much you’re getting. Each swap, I pick up about 20 items, if not more so I’m pretty much paying $0.50 an item. For those prices, you’re saving more money than shopping at Goodwill. On top of getting free reusable bags and other goodies from Yelp! they will be having mini massages provided by Physical Medicine. CREDO Coffeehouse will also be there will coffee and other baked goods! Can’t wait for another Swap & Shop, and hopefully you’ll come and check it out too!

— Sarah Hoffman


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