5 TV Shows We Need To See As Movies

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve seen a fair share of films adapted into television shows and vice versa. Get Smart was a television show that was adapted into a film. Buffy the Vampire Slayer the film was adapted into an amazing television show. Adaptations like these can be very risky. You’re changing the entire format of a story that’s already been mapped out and familiar to audiences. Then you have the demographics and changing character development to consider. But with the increasing quality in television(see last article) there have been quite a few shows that I think would work perfectly on the big screen.

Arrested Development

Everyone’s favorite cult comedy. Arrested Development has one of the best ensemble casts in recent television history. The comedic timing and far fetched stories combined with the show’s ability to create well paced story arcs would work so well on the big screen. There aren’t nearly enough laugh out loud films in cinemas these days. The formulaic plot structure in big screen comedies is starting to wear thin with audiences and critics. Bringing a clever, well written comedy to cinemas would spark some interest into a well worn genre.

Attack on Titan

I’m not really into anime. However, Attack on Titan is one of the best television shows I’ve seen in quite a while. It’s completely cinematic. The protagonist follows the archetype of the strong willed young man turning into a hero. Attack on Titan could really turn into a lucrative franchise. For those who aren’t aware of the plot, it follows humanity’s last civilization put up against giants, referred to as Titans. On concept alone, it’s perfect for film. The digitalization of the Titans could be used with motion capture, as many of the Titans in the anime have very human faces. In short, someone please make Attack on Titan a film.


Heroes is hands down one of my favorite television shows. Say what you will about it falling under expectations post season one. Heroes effortlessly portrayed an ensemble of super powered beings in a seemingly ordinary world. So many superhero families on the big screen gear more towards the fantasy genre of film. Heroes would be more grounded. It would create a whole new perspective on superhero ensembles. Rather than seeing how awesome their powers are, we would see how these characters live and interact in a real world environment, which is something that would be fresh in the rise of superhero films being made.

The Walking Dead

We’ve seen so many takes on zombies over the last decade. But like Heroes, The Walking Dead takes a supernatural concept and makes it more realistic and relatable. Seeing a group of survivors struggle with the psychological ramifications of a zombie apocalypse would be another welcome change to a formulaic plot struggle. On The Walking Dead, it’s not all about seeing awesome zombie deaths(that is a bonus). It’s challenging yourself to thrive in a world that’s unknown to you, while still dealing with everyday struggles such as love and family.

Teen Wolf

It’s been a movie already. In fact, it’s been two movies already. But the MTV television show is drastically different from it’s source material. The show follows an amazing werewolf mythology that’s perfectly built for film. Not only would it appeal to the crowded fantasy market, but it could also bring some respect to the fantasy genre. The show is a hit for MTV both from a ratings and a critical standpoint, and has so much potential to do well in a theater.

-Nicholas Graves



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