Fashion FYI: Don’t Be An Outfit Repeater (Or Just Don’t Get Caught)

Everybody remembers the iconic moment when Lizzie was caught red-handed wearing the same “powder blue, puffy sleeved, it’s kind of a peasant dress, but it’s really a questionable disaster of fiber content that you wore to the spring dance”. No shame, we’ve all outfit repeated before. There are some things you just look damn good in, and you want to show it (again, again, and again). Let’s get down to business, though. There are ways to outfit repeat and not get caught. First and foremost, put your ego to the side.

  1. Stop taking so many damn selfies. I have the utmost respect for those who do a committed #OOTD every day of the week. However, when I see you wearing the same outfit twice a week, it’d probably be best to just limit your #OOTDs to a few times a week.  #OOTDs are meant to inspire and share your fashion sense with your followers, so limit them to when you are actually inspiring and not just repeating. The same idea works with group pictures. If you know that you are going to an event where pictures are going to be taken, don’t wear the same outfit you wore two days ago that was heavily photographed. Let there be no evidence of your outfit repeating.  Chances are if there is no photographic proof, you’re in the clear.
  2. Stick to basics. Prints are in. Gold chain is in. Loud, obnoxious, in-your-face looks are in. I love it, but it limits how often you can wear your wardrobe. The problem with loud looks is that they are easily remembered. I have this amazing paisley blazer that I wore this past New Years, and that is the only time I have worn it. I got so many compliments on it that I knew I could probably never wear it again, or at least for a long time. Thankfully, I thrifted it for $3, so it’s not much of a loss. That’s my advice for almost anything loud and out there: thrift it. If you’re going to spend a great amount of money on a clothing item, make it a basic. A solid sweater from American Apparel is going to get you farther than a printed shirt from Zara. Basics almost always match each other, and are easily pieced together. Also basics are basics for a reason. People will remember your great style, but will rarely remember the individual outfits. Deck yourself out in all the swag you want, gold head to toe, but save it for special occasions. People see, and people remember.
  3. If you love a piece, switch it up. I’m not saying if you love a shirt you can only wear it once. I have a t-shirt that I wear probably once a week; it’s just too comfy and fitting not to. But, I try to never wear it the same way. Khakis, jeans, slacks, boots, denim jacket, cardigan, blazer, sunglasses, a statement necklace or bracelet… there are so many ways to pair your wardrobe together to create a completely different look. That is the best thing about fashion, you can make it to be anything you want with the addition of one piece. An outfit is completely changed with the throwing on of a sweater. The difference between a day or night look is a pair of stilettos and an up-do. That’s why there is no excuse being caught as an outfit repeater; all you have to do is keep an amazing jacket on you at all times!

Sometimes, outfit repeating is inevitable. Just follow the few simple steps above and you should be fine. Switch it up, stay away from cameras (as difficult as that can be for any of us), and don’t be afraid to look a little plain sometimes. Iconic fashion is never repeated, it is simply reincarnated on a daily basis. Be a constant reincarnation of your personal style, you owe yourself that much. Lastly, if you are a proud outfit repeater and you just don’t give a damn, remember the classic #clapback to anyone who tries to call you out on your shit: “Okay, I may be an outfit repeater, but you’re an outfit rememberer, which is just as pathetic!”

— Garrett Nickell


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