“OITNB” Takes Over Television

If you are a Netflix user like I and so many Americans are you’ve probably seen the new original Netflix series “Orange is the New Black”. And if you haven’t – what are you waiting for? This new series is just one of many original programs that online streaming sites such and Netflix and Hulu have been cranking out for its customers. For a significantly lower price online viewer of these sites a now getting full seasons of their favorite shows while also getting new programs all at once. With traditional cable not being the only producers of television – it seems like online streaming will could be the new black.

If you haven’t heard about Orange is the new black, then you’re missing out. It tells the true story of Piper Kerman, a women who past comes back to dramatically change her present. Living idyllically in New York City with her fiancé Larry planning their future together, her world changes instantly when she is sentence to 15 months in prison after being found guilty of transporting drug money for her former dealer girlfriend Alex (Laura Prepon– you know Donna from the that 70’s show). Piper Trades in her organic food, her loving fiancé and freedom for a jump suit, a last name and number. Adjusting to prison life can be a bit difficult. Knowing what group to hang with, figuring out the non-spoken rules of prison, and ducking unwanted lesbian advances can take a toll on a gal.

With its newest hit release, Netflix and the TV streaming bigwig Hulu seem like their getting ready to take on the world of TV. The success of another show on Netflix and Hulu with the crazy amount of original programing that they are now steadily producing; one has to wonder what the future of traditional cable will be like. Cable prices are rising and at the prices, people are busier the days of sitting down for an 8pm are not as feasible as they once were. The easier option of online streaming, Giving customers the opportunity to watch their shows on their schedule does have many people making the switch.

What does this mean for traditional cable TV? Well there is not chance that cable TV will stop being on the television but it does mean that a lot of networks and cable companies will have to work a little harder to keep their viewers to keep tuning in. Some networks have started putting full episodes up on their websites for viewers to watch and even adding their shows to On-Demand channels, but does that help enough to keep customers paying the high price of cable?

Netflix is still riding an unexpected high following its nine Emmy nominations for House of Cards and the three nominations the long awaited final season of Arrested Development. With House of Cards and Orange is the New Black already signed for a new season, it looks like original streaming programs will be a new category of television.

Orange is the New Black is currently streaming on Netflix; season 2 is scheduled to premiere sometime in 2014.

— Ariana Cooper


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