Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: Bathing Suit Babe

Even though the school year has started back up and things are back into full swing, it doesn’t mean summer is completely gone. The sun still shines just as bright and the pool feels just as refreshing. This Labor Day weekend, I gave my thrifted bathing suit a spin by the pool side for a relaxing break from my hectic schedule.

Finding bathing suits at thrift stores isn’t exactly someone’s go-to, but as long as you stay smart about what you’re putting on your body, there are some great finds in most stores. When looking for a swimsuit bottom in a thrift store, I try to avoid a random donated piece. Instead, I search for bulk pieces that were NOT previously owned by someone. Most times they come with the sanitary sticker still in them. The bottoms I’m wearing seemed to be a vintage dead stock meant for lifeguards. I got them from the Goodwill on Lake Underhill. When you purchase any bathing suit piece from a thrift store it is best to wash them with warm or hot water to make sure they’re sanitized correctly.

The top I’m wearing, I’ve had for a while from a previous Goodwill haul from the one in Oviedo on Alafaya Trail. It was an individual piece by itself but I washed it right when I got home and didn’t worry too much about it. It was a Roxy top and the pattern and colors are perfect for pretty much every bottom I have, especially solid colored ones. I especially love bandeau top bathing suits with very high waisted bottoms so this combo came together perfectly.

Last but not least-my hat! I actually found this one at the Super Flea in Melbourne for $3. It was mixed in with all of the other super cheap do-dads throughout the stand, but I couldn’t pass up a find like this! This whole swim suit ensemble came together for a total of $9.

— Sarah Hoffman


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