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Fashion FYI: White After Labor Day

Most people are familiar with the idea that wearing white is not ‘allowed’ after Labor Day – but does anybody really even know why? Is wearing white after Labor Day really such a faux-pas or is this just one ‘myth’ that went too far? It’s time to debunk this debate.

To begin to understand why this myth has held so much value over the years, we have to take a closer look as to where it originated. In the early 20th century, the upper class created this ‘rule’ to show how well endowed they actually were. By eliminating such a staple color from ones wardrobe every summer, that forced people to buy new clothes in the autumn. Most members of the lower and middle classes were unable to adapt to these changes and update their wardrobes along with the seasons. Thus, wearing those white clothes that kept you cool in the summertime, and bringing them into your fall wardrobe, indicated that you were poor and ‘distasteful’.
Thankfully we now live in an age where such trivial things don’t matter anymore. While yes, the fashion color palettes tend to change in the transition between summer and fall, you can still don that white blazer during the autumn because white has actually become a very trendy winter color.
Regardless, you should rock the colors you want to rock! Embrace all shades of life; it’s not about the color itself, all that matters is how it looks on YOU!
If you’re already scheming for some hot fall pieces to add to your collection, click below to see some of my new favorites this season:  Urban OutfittersJ.CrewForever 21Anthropologie, and GAP.
— Christina Monroe

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