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Icon of the Week: KESH

I’m always on the lookout for interesting collaborations with upcoming artists and major labels. Although I tend to primarily look at past fashion icons for inspiration, the modern world demands that I reach out to up and coming artists for interesting fusions of the past and future. These days, it seems like it’s more difficult than ever to get noticed. “But it’s already been done.” “There’s too much competition.” You’ve heard this again and again but it should only make you appreciate artists even more. While the media crafts music and film as the more popular forms of art in pop culture, we at Iconic realize there are many other forms to love — fashion being one of the tops of course.

Fashion encompasses all of our passions and when others are able to combine the art of design with a refreshing element, we can’t help but want to see more. Recently, American Apparel came out with an exclusive collaboration with KESH, an English artist based in Los Angeles and we can’t get enough! Her story is as interesting as it gets, starting off with her move to London at age 17. Her cultural background (Malaysian father and Trinidadian mother) mixed with her English upbringing set her up for an open-minded appreciation for various forms of design seen in her personal works. With her move, she began to design customized clothing for members of Roll Deep, Dizzee Rascal and Jammer, all hip-hop and rap artists. Her work soon became more public, landing her features with i-D Magazine, a fashion editor position at SuperSuper Magazine, and a group of 77,000 friends on her MySpace (yep, it was back in the day). She began selling more limited edition design t-shirts with customers including Kanye West. As her collaborations with music fused with fashion, more design opportunities arose with TOPMAN as well as a collection show at Anonymous Gallery.

In 2010, she created her artistic sanctuary, The Cave, in L.A. where she experimented with three major prints, independently released: FETRINITE (300/300), VELENE (74/74) and THE EYE 3 COLOURWAYS (50/50). With much success, they sold out and she went on to participate in Poland’s AYS Art Fair, eventually holding an installation show at the W Hotel Paris and her first independent show (ME.ME.ME) in L.A. November 2012. The show was streamed live for her international friends, establishing herself as a pop culture icon. Her pieces use bold shapes and lines to create powerful yet minimalist imagery. Mostly using just black and white, her art is clear, graphic and recognizable. Check out ME.ME.ME here ( ) and her collaboration with American Apparel here ( ).



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