Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: ProFASHIONable

Recently I picked up some business-related classes to compliment my art major. Since my classes have brought me to a very different world than I’m used to -The Business Administration building- I’ve gained a whole new perspective on dressing business professional. In my art classes, I’ve seen men dress as women, vice versa, people covered in every type of mediums, and unnamable things, some things that would apparently shake the business world to its core. With this whole new emphasis on dressing professionally often, I’ve accepted the challenge to make it unique, fashionable, and of course affordable.

Something I think every business outfit needs: some color from what I understand it’s all about being uniform and apparently shapeless. No one ever said you couldn’t use a little color to pop out of all the shades of gray and shapeless suits. Using these ultra marine blue pants I got from a local Goodwill, I’ve created a statement for my outfit. Although the shape is modest, it ads something unique compared to a pant suit. Although I’m a fan of bold color in outfits, sometimes it’s most successful if you focus on one. If you go too far, it might be just too obnoxious. You can go with softer complimentary colors or tone it down with some classic black and whites or earthy colors.

For my black and whites I brought in my top used in a previous article that I acquired from my mom’s closet! Having a simple white collared shirt, I’m balancing my vibrant pants. Yet another basic in the business world would be the infamous blazer, if you get a feminine enough cut, it will give your body a modest yet fashionable shape. I picked this one up at a Forever 21, saving me quite a few $$ and when you’re running the business of your own bank account, that’s what it’s all about!

I was also able to bring in some accessories with this in many ways. First I had my necklace; I feel most outfits aren’t complete without a good accessory or two. Another trend making a comeback is hair bows! I added a black hair bow to tie in the black blazer and stone in my necklace. Another pop I added in was a bright red lipstick. Depending on your outfit, your favorite deep red would work as well. Red, especially a deep red just says you’re sophisticated and knowledgeable. Last but not least, I picked up these MIA pointed 2 inch heels at yet another clothing swap: never worn before, so I picked them up for myself. For all the tall girls out there-try not to wear too tall of a heel, you don’t want to be looking further down on your audience than you already do. All in all this whole outfit cost about $23. It doesn’t cost a lot to look profashionable. 😉

-Sarah Hoffman


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