Fashion FYI: Don’t Look Like Everybody Else

Let’s be honest; when a trend becomes popular there’s always that chance it can spiral out of control. Eventually, every single girl you know has a similar version of something in your closet. Not to diss anything in anyone’s closet… but overrated patterns like galaxy printed clothes, the upside down or right-side up cross graphic, and ultra-studded jackets (studded anything) are getting kind of boring. Admit it. Acceptance is the first step, guys. Next time you go shopping, look out for these items to spice up your wardrobe this fall.

Instead of Chiffon, wear Velvet: From button-downs to tanks to skirts, the translucent material of all styles and colors has become total overkill at stores like Forever 21 and H&M. Fall is approaching and velvet is a sexy, classic fabric that is making a comeback. Look for unconventional items you wouldn’t normally see in velvet, such as a thick, velvet belt, pair of leggings, or low-cut leotard.

Instead of Stiletto Nails, get 3D Nails: At first some of us were weirded out by the Cruella Deville styled nails, but the trend quickly spread to girls of all ages. Beware: This scares A LOT of guys. Instead, try out a 3D effect on moderately rounded nails… Classy, yet intriguing. At stores like Sally’s Beauty Supply or your local craft store and pick out some cute jewels, gems, miniature flowers, or anything that can be easily stuck on with nail glue. . You can even order 2mm flat-bottomed studs online (check for good deals) and create cool patterns with them. Also look for textured polishes; Ciaté Velvet gives off the same rich effect as the fabric and Nail Inc. Feather Effect, a polish that resembles tiny, faux-feather particles.

Instead of High Waisted Shorts, wear Overalls: Citizens of Humanity, Free People, Chloe Pant, and Deisel all came out with cute overalls this past season. I’m an avid lover of high-waisted shorts, but it’s time to ween off the trend that’s become by far the most overdone trend of all. Read Teen Vogue’s article on 8 Ways To Try The Overall Trend:

Instead of Jeffrey Campbell’s, wear anything but Jeffrey Campbell’s: It’s not hot when you’re wearing the same shoes as 20 other girls in the club. There are other moderately expensive, outrageous shoe brands in this world. Privileged Shoes. Look them up… That is all.

Instead of Two-finger Rings, wear Knuckle/Nail Rings: We’ve seen the two-finger cross, snake, and key rings, not to mention all of the mini versions of brass knuckles. This year, Chanel featured eye-catching, jeweled nail, knuckle, and finger rings in the Fall 2013 Collection and they looked absolutely glamorous layered over the models’ hands. Check ASOS,, and for individual rings that fit over your knuckles or rings that cover the entire nail.

— Kelsey Lyon


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