9 Music Blogs You Need In Your Life

Need new music in your life? Broaden your music variety or brush up on your musical knowledge with these 9 awesome blogs.

  • One week // One band. Each week features a different artist, essentially providing you with a unique, bibliographical showcase of their music and history for 7 days straight. My forewarning is that the highlighted artist can range from an underground secret to a British oldie to an over-played radio favorite. I particularly took a liking to last week’s Nine Inch Nails coverage, among other previously featured, beloved bands of mine (Deftones, Faces, The National). Go to
  • Hearya. This blog became one of my frequently visited once I discovered their indie selection of live sessions with artists like The Black Angels and Surfer Blood. They cut through the clutter and give you some thorough interviews, album appraisals, and daily downloads.
  • Thrash Hits. An authentic rock n’ roll blog, attempting to make the world a bit more noisy. To creatively summarize their website: articles on grunge overlords; black metal bands from the UK; heavy festival and tour updates. Their album reviews are brutally honest and they individually appeal to my adoration of Wolves Like Us, Black Dahlia Murder, Defeater, The Defiled.
  • Head|Underwater. Posting a new music video or mixed track almost every day, I go to Head|Underwater to get my fix of fueled-up female artists. Don’t worry, they have quite a few musical men on there, too. Based on the taste of one Baltimore native, his appreciation for bands can be seen through the music he posts and photos he takes.
  • Copy Cats. A one-stop shop for covers, mash-ups, remixes, and collaborations. Having such a versatile assortment of mixed music, including Jimmy Eat World, London Grammar, Passion Pit, Queens of the Stone Age, Leftover Cuties, and Elliot Smith.
  • MTHRFNKR. This online radio station features emerging electronic, hip-hop, rap, and R&B music. MTHRFNKR finds up-and-coming contemporary artists before you do and posts some great, under-appreciated music.
  • Music to have sex to. ‘Nough said… Even though I don’t have room for any more sexy songs on my personal, sensual 5-hour-long playlist, this FM blog is one of my top picks. This long list of lustful music consists of oldies, goodies, and songs you never would’ve found on your own. Whether you’re feeling naughty or just sweet and steamy, you’re guaranteed to find something to get down and dirty to.
  • Hype Machine. A blend of fun listens, attention-grabbing pictures, and quirky ways to expand your musical insight. Hype Machine is one of a kind because they visibly follow 800 other blogs you can track. I don’t know where else you’d find a Crystal Castles cover sung by the Capital Children’s Choir or photos from a vinyl record/cardboard box avalanche from an old, abandoned record warehouse.
  • UGHHE. Their name stands for Underground Hip-Hop Eargasms and their hip-hop community is ever embracing genres of the future. It has what seems to be a never-ending list of electronic, experimental, jazzy, instrumental, and new age hip-hop concoctions. I’m always lurking this blog for chill-wave beats and haunting sounds. Milo Mill$, Kanye West, Sango, and JayLotus.

— Kelsey Lyon


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