Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: Back To School Style

School is right around the corner and summer seem to have passed at lightspeed once again. To start my ever so busy fall semester, I got one last hurrah to kick it off with a bang. I was able to collect a few of my summer finds to create the perfect outfit to start my new semester on the right foot. Even when my semester gets busy I still try to keep up with my thrifting to keep myself inspired and motivated. What better way to succeed than looking and feeling good while doing it?

My recent trip to the new Goodwill on Lake Underhill behind Outback I had picked up quite a few backstock and vintage dresses. Its an awesome new store it looks nice and has a pretty great selection. Goodwill is definitely stepping up its ish! The dress section actually had a couple of these off the shoulder sleeves with some sort of awesome design. Perfect for sunny weather especially with the upcoming fall season which is one of my favorites! This dress had enough flow and has the perfect pattern to set my semester off on the right foot.

My recent end-of-summer vacation to Texas with my mom led me right to these beautiful shoes. I have finally met the perfect wedge. With the perfect boho look I’ve always wanted in a show, I can finally achieve just the look I’ve always wanted. If only I could have a crown of flowers in my hair, I could die a happy boho princess. To subsidize for not having a floral crown, I’ve got my sun hat to help me out.

The perfect outfit always comes from a variation of places and experiences. I’ve been able to assemble the perfect outfit to capture the end of my summer and say hello to a new, and hopeful semester. In total I spent about $15 for this entire outfit!

— Sarah Hoffman


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