Style Cadet of the Week: Kelsey Ryder

CF KelseyCF Kelsey2

  • Name: Kelsey Ryder
  • Age: 21
  • Hometown: Clearwater, FL

Now we’ve all heard the saying “less is more,” but (with all things) there is certainly room for exceptions. When in doubt, add on! With summer in season, this Florida temperature keeps on rising and it isn’t possible for us to wear anything too heavy. This is where your creative eye kicks in! The key to adding on is to using smaller accessory pieces, such as hats or jewelry, to complete your look.

This Style Cadet has the right state of mind by choosing a lightweight, navy blue dress as the base of her outfit. While the dress itself doesn’t have a lot going on, the lace texture gives it just the extra pop that you need when playing with bold accessories. The next time you’re at Goodwill and you see a plain dress, think, “What can I do to make this work?,” and not, “Meh. Too boring.” You can always use accessories to your advantage!

The main focus of this outfit is her beautiful statement piece of a necklace. In my opinion, it’s worth it to splurge on one bold item that can work to accentuate the rest of your look. The shade of brown used in her necklace is not too light, yet not too dark, giving you an easy color to work with when mixing and matching your options. Brown typically pairs up nicely with shades of dark blue, orange, and red – which is the exact color scheme that you find going on in this outfit. Don’t fret if you don’t necessarily have a necklace to use as your statement piece. Add some serious arm candy to compensate and you’re good to go.

Completing this look with a vintage-inspired hat and paisley printed handbag, this Cadet chose a fall color palette, wearing shades of navy, maroon, and burnt orange. I’m a huge advocate of fall colors despite the current season, seeing as this ensemble seems to flow perfectly together.

PS – If you like the necklace photographed above, check out Love + Leather to shop for one yourself!

– Daniela Araya


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