Fashion FYI: Selling Clothes Online

For all you fashionistas that have too many clothes to fit in your closet and need some extra cash [and don’t we all need some] here is the answer to all of your problems – sell your clothes online! Some local consignment and resale shops only give you 40% cash and up to 60% store credit for your items: you can’t buy too many groceries with that! You don’t have to be a professional to sell your clothes online; some people enjoy it as a hobby, a side job, or strive to make a career out of it! Whatever your motive, these online second hand stores will help you make some money, save some money while shopping, and reduce clothing waste by recycling and reusing your old clothes!

Etsy- It’s one of the most popular vintage and handmade market places on the internet. Etsy isn’t exactly general resale, but if you’ve got some awesome vintage lurking in your closet, this would be the place to list it! Etsy considers vintage 20 year or older so it has to be made before 1993 to be considered vintage. It costs $0.20 to post a listing onto Etsy and you can name your own price, like most others! It helps to renew your item (which costs $0.20 each time) which puts you to the top of the “Recently Listed Items” page. Once you make a sale, Etsy takes 3.5% of item price for their transaction fee. Although Etsy, won’t save you too much while shopping, you’ll definitely find some unique vintage and handmade items which is what it’s all about!

Storenvy – This create-your-own store gives you full control of what your store front looks like instead of a set profile for every store owner. With a great selection offered and great prices, this site will give you a great start to your own store and has an awesome selection to shop from. For $5/month you can have your own domain name and for $3 you can offer deals and discounts on your items. The best part is that that’s the only part of the website you have to pay for. The only fees you have to pay for are PayPals transaction fees for your sales! No extra fees will come between you and your profits!

Threadflip- Threadflip is one of the more recent online resale/vintage stores making an appearance in popular publications such as Refinery 29 and New York Times! They have different services offered so you can sell in different ways. Selling online is offered of course, but they have an app so you can sell your clothes right from your phone! If you sell from these options you get to post your items for free on the site and once it’s bought you receive a prepaid bag to send your item to the customer. After a 5 day satisfaction period, your account is credited and you can cash out or use it toward a purchase for yourself! They do take 20% from your sale, but you’re still getting 80% of it and not paying for shipping! They have another service offered: White Glove Service. You have to apply but once accepted, they send you a bag that you fill with clothes you’re looking to sell and they hand select, photograph, and post those items for you and give you 60% of the sale!

Bib + Tuck – This website is pretty unique in the online resale world. Saving you money by not having to spend money at all! The concept of the website is to post your fashionable items to “Bib” it (to give it) and anyone can “Tuck” it (to take it) if they have enough Bib + Tuck bucks. You receive 15 free bucks when you sign up, after requesting an invite from the founders! You can receive more free bucks by doing certain things like liking them on Facebook, etc. You post your items for the value of “bucks” you think its worth and others spend their “bucks” on your items. You receive a prepaid label to ship your item and you can spend the “bucks” you received on other people’s items! A great way to recycle and reuse clothes while not having to pay anything for it!

Enjoy and make some $$$!

— Sarah Hoffman



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