Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: Rad in Retro

For this week’s thrift, I combined a recent find with some old ones and some other deals I found along the way! Recently I’ve been on the lookout for some great pants that aren’t quite your “norm”. Once you’ve seen some jeans, you’ve pretty much seen them all. This week I found my yellow pants at another clothing swap held by Other Peoples Property. It was a pair left from the slim pickings at the end but I knew I could try to pull them off with something.

To pull in some color blocking [or so it seems from afar] I’m combined these laid back pants with a guy’s collared shirt with a spunky pattern to go with it. To make it a little more feminine, I rolled the sleeves up a bit and tied it in the front. This would be the older find I’ve been holding on to from a past Oviedo Goodwill haul. To continue the color blocking vibe, I paired this all with my most recent find: vintage mint blue flats. I found these sweet little things at the Goodwill on the corner of Curry Ford and Goldenrod. Though this seems out of the way, it’s really not that far and usually has a great selection!

To complete the whole look, I’ve got my sunglasses! These came to me in the form of a sale at Charlotte Russe last summer for $1. They had a great sale going on which is where I’ve picked up some awesome jewelry and other pairs of sunglasses for the price of $1, I couldn’t resist. If you keep your eye out and always be prepared for a great deal, they’ll start coming to you! This outfit totaled at about $8 for the whole thing!




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