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Whether you’re a die hard fan who felt the fear of vampires before they sparkled or the casual movie theatre denizen, we have all watched a horror movie before. I know we’ve all regretted it on that trip to the bathroom at 3am. Nonetheless, we voluntarily sit through supernatural, ghastly and down right gross movies all based on the urge to have the shit scared out of us. Why do we put ourselves through this torture? We enjoy it. Due to my self acclaimed credibility as a seasoned horror flick veteran,  I have come to the firm and undeniable conclusion that this phenomenon is due to the fact that we are all true sadists and/or possessed by the ghost of Freddy Krueger…


Don’t even act like you weren’t thrilled by the idea of it! Since the dawn of man, people have constantly been obsessed with the ethereal realm, the unknown dimensions beside ours. Some people search for it through religion, which we all commonly acknowledge with angels and demons and Jesus on toast. Others visit psychics or mediums in hopes of getting in touch with the spirit realm… that apparently charges by the minute.  For the skeptics and not-so-holy thrill seekers, horror movies are the quickest fix for a dose of the supernatural.

Let’s face it, the most exciting thing that might happen to us in a week is getting an extra soda from the vending machine.  Life is mundane, boring and filled with many annoying hurdles like not being able to casually torment people you don’t like by willing birds to poop on them. Watching horror movies, getting that look into a world where anything is possible and nightmares come to life, gives us a sense of excitement coupled with dread and leaves us wanting more. Horror movies are different from fairy tales and other imaginative movies, in the sense that they are basically  depictions of humans reacting to the fear of something unknown, something we all naturally do. (What most of us have also naturally concluded is that shouting at the screen telling that One Girl not to go in there alone, has done nothing.) Horror movies show things that have no grounding in our world, something that transgresses everything we know and arouses the curiosity within us. (Like that cat that got ran over or that One Girl.)

All those elements combined make it so that when we stare into the darkness of our open closets, we believe for a second that something is there. Something more beyond the thrift savvy clothes; that darkness is more than just the absence of light. We feel that connection with the unexplainable.

These are some of the gems that have led to many sleepless nights for me:

1. The Grudge

2. Insidious

3. Paranormal Activity

4. The Conjuring

5. A Haunting in Connecticut

6. Dead Silence

So next time you find yourself cowering under the covers and you think you hear footsteps…just don’t open your eyes.

Enjoy the thrill. *clap, clap*  

— Maha Qureshi


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