End-of-Summer Style Deals

To help you save on your upcoming fall look, I’ve put together some current and upcoming deals going on for the end of summer and other ways to conserve your cash!

As I mentioned in my last article, is an online vintage store that releases themed sales a different times. For their end of the summer sale this Thursday the 25th, they will be selling items up to 80% off and as low as $5. Found at Also, when you sign up you get a $25 store credit automatically. If you get good savings you could get your item for free…literally a steal. Many websites like,,, and sell vintage and secondhand brand name clothing with more affordable prices from their members. Being broke doesn’t mean you don’t have to look broke as well. Many of these sites actually have sales or clearance sections with VERY affordable prices it’s hard to not save money while shopping. You are also able to join these websites to sell your secondhand brand name clothing to earn you some money back for your clothes!

Some of the more “college budgeted” stores such as Forever21, H&M, and Urban Outfitters are dishing out savings and summer sales as well. Forever21 is continuing their reputation for keeping the lowest prices and their sales sections are ridiculously low prices, especially with their Basics with prices as low as $1.80. H&M also has some of the latest trends at very do-able prices for our college wallets. They also have the most affordable and fashionable swim suits. Just because summer is ending, it doesn’t mean the Florida heat is going with it; we won’t see any cold weather for months! They’re taking another 50% off of marked down items in stores which is one of my favorite type of sales! Urban Outfitters is having their sale of the season, their “Summer Slammin Summer Sale”! Found here: Up to 80% off of items with ridiculously low prices! Urban has always been a little pricey but when they have a sale, they always go all out.

Other stores that have always been a little out of reach in price are having their sales too! Even if a store is a little too expensive for your pay rate, there could always be something priced just right for your during their sales. Zara is having their Spring/Summer sale going on now! Found here: Maybe something you’ve had your eye on has finally come into your price range, take advantage of these sales!

Another deal coming up to take advantage of: Tax Free Weekend! This year it will be August 2nd-4th! Don’t miss out on not paying the government tax for two whole days, these savings will add up! You can be thrifty even without going to a thrift store. Being thrifty is about being patient and creative with how you save money and if you don’t have the patience for sifting through thrift stores, keeping on top of your favorite stores’ sales, you’ll be able to save yourself hundreds overtime!

— Sarah Hoffman


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