Isabel Marant x H&M

When I first heard about the Isabel Marant x H&M collaboration due to be available online this August, my first thought was, “OMFG – AFFORDABLE MARANT BOOTIES!” Typical… When the shock wore off and I was finally able to compose my ever beating heart, I was left pondering about the many possible gems that this collection could produce. Will the Frenchie designer give us studded heels, embellished pants, and other items indicative of the iconic Marant style? Or will this be another dud of an H&M collection?

Below are some sneak peaks that have been released on H&M’s and Marant’s official Twitters. What do you think of these snippets? What items are you looking forward to in the collection?

isabel-marant-h-and-m-vogue-9jul13-twitter_b_426x639 Screen Shot 2013-07-18 at 4.23.10 PM

xx Christina Monroe


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