Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: Steals and Deals

There are more than a few ways to save money on clothes, it just all depends on your patience and creativity. This week I used a site called Nifty Thrifty that I had joined a while ago. It’s an online vintage store that releases themed collections daily to buy from. When you join and also when a friend you invite makes their first purchase, you get a $25 store credit (let me know if you want an invite 😉 I’ll hook you up…) So when I joined I saved my $25 credit for the right moment…a 50% sale. The burgundy skirt I’m wearing was originally $50, so I saved 50% off of it and used my $25 credit so I got it for free and saved $50!

Another way to save is to go through your friends and parents donation bags. Who knows, they might be getting rid of something you’ve always had your eye on. The white collared shirt was actually a shirt my mom was about to get rid of. I tried it on and it fit just right, especially for something high-waisted.

Like I mentioned in a previous article, Target is THE BEST for saving money on clothes. Sometimes their sales are just right for a frugal gal like me. The sandals I’ve got on were a part of an awesome sale a year or so ago. I got these for $4 and they’re one of the comfiest sandals I own. Target also sends their old season clothes for resale at a few Goodwills. Goodwills like the one in Oviedo on Alafaya and the one on Curry Ford have the best Target resale. The necklace I’m wearing was a resale Target necklace that I got for $2 at the Oviedo Goodwill. Making this outfit total at $6, I couldn’t imagine spending full price; it would have cost at least $80+. I don’t know about you but I’m not about to spend that much on 1 outfit!



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