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Orlando Natives: Native Feel

Natives, the newest addition to the Iconic family, will be based around the creativity and innovation that can be found here from the people of Orlando. With that being said, I was drawn to feature our first article on a couple of my favorite locals who go by the name, “Native Feel.”580272_596485843696859_1994695895_nAlthough Native Feel consists of only two members, Allan Duncan and Rob Ratner, there are many others that are considered to be a contributing demiurgic to their avant-garde visionary. Native Feel was formed after Duncan and Ratner shared the life realization that everyone was made to create. Being surrounded by beautiful friends, they wanted to start a group where everyone could work together and push each other towards their artistic dreams; that is when the Cosmic Clan was born. The Cosmic Clan is a collection of artists, musicians, and performers, who share the same passion for being part of something that’s bigger than themselves. It consists of Native Feel, LYF, Higherplane, Snews, Dopey Jones, SkaterVader, Erica Serio, Patrick Griffin, We’re All Gonna Die, and many other creative souls.

Inspired by the unknown, it is a no-brainer that Native Feel is greatly influenced by Carl Sagan, the ultimate showman of science. Though, the actual name Native Feel derived from the representation of being in tune with the connection between nature and sound, it’s more about what each member draws their inspiration from (their surroundings, the cosmos, their emotions, and the monomyth).

Duncan and Ratner began making music because of the current state music is in. As many may agree, they believe that the true essence of music has died in our generation with the exception of a handful of artists. Native Feel aims to create something that their parents and peers alike can enjoy and hopefully restore the love that was once inherent to music – and boy, are they killing it!

You can catch Native Feel yourself this Friday the 12th at the next Body // Talk event on 1206 East Colonial Drive. As for upcoming releases, keep your eyes out for “Midnight Loop,” their latest project that will release one new song a night for 50 nights. You can also find Native Feel on SoundCloud and BandCamp too!

Would you or someone you know like to be featured as our next Native? Send us your story at We would love to hear from you!

– Daniela Araya


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