Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: 4th of July

With 4th of July rapidly approaching, we’re all scrambling to find the perfect outfit to show off our pride for ‘murica. I’m here to say: you don’t have to spend serious money to look good in our country’s colors.  Although my finds are from a collection of places, it doesn’t take that much searching to create a one of a kind outfit for the fireworks show!

For my ensemble, I found my top and shoes at the most recent Swap & Shop put on by Other Peoples Property. The top, a simple Old Navy shirt, was perfect to contrast my shorts: equally vibrant in color but not busy like the pattern going on throughout my shorts. And best of all, it was light so I won’t be sweating in this July heat on Thursday! The shoes are Tommy Hilfiger moccasins to bring in some tan to bring some earthy tones to all the bright colors. The sunglasses were another find from when I went “garage sailing” a few weeks ago. They are a round brimmed black shades with a tortoise shell bar across the top.

The shorts are a vintage find while thrifting at a local Humane Society Thrift Store in Sebastian, my home town, from a couple of years ago. I’ve only been able to wear them with white up until I found this shirt at the recent swap. Unique shorts aren’t too hard to find at thrift stores, you just have to be bold enough to wear them! Just do it! Floral shorts are my favorite and I love finding a great pair of floral shorts but sometimes they are a little too bold for me to wear until I find the perfect shirt to accompany them.

For this whole outfit I spent around $3.50: $2 for the shorts and $0.50 for each of my swap finds and garage sale sunglasses. That’ll save me enough money to buy all the fireworks I was hoping to get for 4th of July! You don’t always have to pay top dollar to look great.

Some other ideas for 4th of July outfits- a simple white dress with a denim vest and pops of red in accessories. If you can find some red or deep blue denim shorts or jeans; dip them in bleach and find a unique blue top or white top with a denim vest. Like I said, dressing in our country’s colors doesn’t mean you have to burn a hole in your pocket! Take a look at your local thrift store and create your own unique outfit!

— Sarah Hoffman


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