North West for President!

Well, why not?

North West is definitely more famous than you and I, even before she was born. She single-handedly helped her mommy, Kim Kardashian, make fashion headlines across the internet and bring old floral print sofas back in style.  Also, I’m sure her campaign management can come up with a plethora of catchy slogans with that peculiar, but expected, name of hers! With Beyonce and Jay Z naming their daughter Blue Ivy, joining the ranks of other unusual celebrity baby names like Egypt and Banjo Patrick, we saw this coming from miles away.  Let’s be honest, you’d be disappointed if she was named something simple as Kate. Although Kate would fit perfectly with the Kardashian/Jenner clan’s love for matching alliterations when it comes to first names. My personal favorite was Kimye, but “North” (or “Nori” as Kim nicknamed her) is not just an attention grabber. North has significant representation for the parents’ (Kim and Kanye West’s) relationship: their highest point and guide, as in, the Northern Star. It’s also a precursor for the child’s success, something we’re all looking forward to, seeing as how she has nowhere to go but up.

So being a natural-born U.S citizen and hopefully having   acquired her daddy, Kanye West’s, speech stealing skills, she’s just about halfway to Pennsylvania Avenue! Have some faith! Although, there seems to be some minor technicalities that might stand in the way of her and the Oval Office. So it wouldn’t hurt for us to speculate about what might distract North from her political agenda.

North might be tempted to follow in her mother’s famous footsteps. I’m referring (and hoping) to the career that came after the fame, not what brought on the spotlight. Or video recording light. North West might choose to launch her own toddler fashion line à la Kardashian Kollection, or have select items available at DASH for the fashionable one year olds.  She could major in Instagramming and the Art of Selfies; it’s a very highly sought after talent that her aunts, Kylie and Kendall Jenner have Ph. Ds in. Kendall is putting that degree to use and is now launching her career as a model, providing previews on (you guessed it) Instagram! So perhaps Nori might be gracing the catwalks with a signature crawl sometime in the near future.  North West also has the option of doing what her other aunts, Kourtney and Khloe, do….which no one really knows what that is exactly. Maybe it’s appearing in tabloids with entertaining nonsense and telling us random facts about Kim. Nori could stare awkwardly at you from the magazine stands, while you check out at Walmart in your sweats and make you wonder what exactly is wrong with the world. That seems like a promising career path.

You might also want to stay on the lookout for a new single, something along the lines of “I Flick My Hair North and West”. Just imagine the music video.  What really might make North West cave is having her own reality T.V show. It can be a combo of Toddlers in Tiaras and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo airing on BET. I can already sense your excitement, don’t deny it.

Regardless of the scandals that surround her mom I believe that North West has the potential to become anything she wants, even President! She’s the baby everyone has their eye and camera dslens pointed up at, as she’s positioned on a privileged pedestal high above us. We can’t wait for her first headshots to emerge, finally putting a face to the famed named. And don’t worry, we’ll keep you in the loop.  Don’t politics just thrive on this kind of stuff? So here’s to breaking family traditions, getting a legitimate education, casting away the fake eyelashes and a not so savory Kardashian past.

— Maha Qureshi



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