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DIY: Long Heel, Red Bottom

Like most women, I am on an eternal quest to find the perfect pair of shoes. My newest desire is a pair of nude heels. A staple for every woman’s wardrobe, a nude heel stream lines one’s body when they wear a pair making them look longer and taller. But in my search I’ve haven’t been able to find the right pair. They were either too dark or too light, too brown or too pink or worst of all… too expensive. After weeks of searching to no avail, I decided that instead of wasting time looking I would take it upon myself to create the perfect pair? Using a pair of shoes that I hadn’t worn in a long time I transformed them into my dream pair of nude heels.

DIY 10.

This project also allowed me to experiment with another idea, inspired by Christian Louboutin. His iconic red sole shoe is something every woman covets, plus we all know that a man’s eye is always attracted to the color red! I hoped to combine the two into one beautiful pair of heels.

DIY: Nude Heel & Red Sole


  1. A pair of shoes (Dug these out of some old boxes, they were actually my high school homecoming shoes from 2008!)
  2. Paint Brushes – Bristled and Sponged
  3. Acrylic Paints ( I got some a craft store for $2 each)
  4. Modge Podge Spray- On Sealer
  5. DecoArt Triple Thick Gloss Glaze
  6. Paper
  7. Painter’s Tape (Optional)



  1. Prep the shoes. Take a wet cloth with a bit of soap on it and wipe the shoes to remove any dirt/oil. Cleaning it allows the paint to stick better.
  2. Now if you’re just painting one section, I highly recommend using the painters tape to get a clean line. If you’re going to paint the heel and the sole just follow along on how I do it – we will do touch ups at the end.
  3. Starts with the red paint and paint a base on the sole. I cannot stress the importance of painting thin layers. Thick or globby paint takes longer to dry and can smug easier. You will actually get a more even coat of color by painting thinner layers.
  4. Let the red paint dry for 15 minutes.


This is what it looked like after two light coats.

  1.  You can now start painting the rest of the shoe.
  • As you paint be sure to fill in areas of stitching and seams with paint. It will give the shoe a streamline look.
  1. Let dry for 15 minutes. You’ve just completed the first layer ~yay~!



I decided to add a small accent piece to the shoes by painting the platform a couple of shades darker. It’s a subtle way to color block and it give it a unique look.



  1. Repeat steps 3 thru 6 two more times. Remember to let each coat dry for about 15 minutes.
  2. After everything has dried go back and touch up any areas that have the wrong color paint on it.


Spending a little time on the details really make a big difference.


Here’s the finished paint job

After your sure all the paint is dry, it’s now time to seal your great paint job! The Triple Thick Gloss Glaze will be used to seal the soles of the shoes and the Modge Podge to seal the rest of the shoes.

  1. Using a sponge brush, brush on a layer of the Triple Thick Gloss Glaze on the sole of the shoe.


  1. Ball up wads of paper and stuff them into the inside of the shoes.
  2. Take the Modge Podge sealer, spray all around the shoe, making sure to cover every spot.


  1. Lean the shoes against something to dry them on but make sure they are only leaning against the wadded up paper.
  2. Let shoes dry for 24 hours.

 And here is the finished product!


DIY 10...

 I paired my new shoes with some jeans, a tank top, and blazer for a casual but classy look. But these shoes can work with many different outfits!

— Ariana Cooper


2 thoughts on “DIY: Long Heel, Red Bottom

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this! I never thought it could be that easy to make an old tired shoes new again. I have so many pairs that this could be done to.

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