Style Cadet of the Week: Ian Verger

Name: Ian Verger
Age: 23
Hometown: Parkland, FL
Style description: Playful and polished prints, urban sport, country club classics, fun and youthful, tailored and refined outfits
Style icons: Justin Timberlake, Louis Tominson
Current style obsessions: Patterned button-ups, booties, and his DS… he brings it everywhere!
What he’s wearing: Shirt, H&M, $20; Shorts, Target, $22; Shoes, Aldo, $32; Socks, Dollar Tree, $1; Hat, Thrifted, $2; Backpack, American Apparel, $40; Watch,, $14.
About this look: Ian wears a paisley shirt, which was the star print of the spring/fall 2013 collections by Louis Vuitton and Etro. Ethnic inspired trends are increasingly becoming just as popular with men as they are with women. A colored pant (when worn correctly) can draw the right attention to your legs and light or pastel shoes can look great with contrasting socks. Caps are also adorable for summer… All of us girls know we swoon at the sight of a cute skater boy with a dirty, thrifted snapback. And who doesn’t love a guy with a lavish looking watch?
Lesson from this look: Some guys tend to overly match their outfits because think they’re super fashionable and look like hot shit… Dudes, you could not be more wrong. Ian wears a lot of different colors in his look, yet most are classic, cool colors that flow together nicely. Certain pieces like his shorts and hat make the outfit less matchy-matchy, but more natural and effortless.
Final thoughts: What a cutie he is with his DS. Nothing better than a well-dressed videogamer.


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