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Film Fashion: Salomé

If you’ve followed the Iconic team for a while now, you’ve probably been opened up to many familiar and “new” icons of the past. Whether it be in music, fashion or film, we like to venture out into all artistic lands. Personally, I always go back to the same fashion icons to learn every bit about them that I can. You might remember reading about a personal favorite, 1920’s star Alla Nazimova, and her fabulous sense of style that marked the Avant-Garde world forever. This week, we’re taking another look at her through the film fashion lens.

The film is based off of Oscar Wilde’s play Salomé, an artistic rendering of a biblical story centering around King Herod and his lust for his daughter, Salomé. The film is said to be one of America’s first art films (how Iconic!) and although unsuccessful then, is a highly regarded film today for its minimalistic props, dramatic acting and of course, extremely innovative, high-fashion costumes. All-in-all, these techniques heighten the drama of a 1920’s silent film and make one focus on the uniquely crafted characters. In a world where everything can now be seen in 3D, downloaded, viewed in a screen in the palm of your hand, etc. it’s time to stop and truly appreciate landmark films like this with such raw, natural beauty.

Take a look at some of her most Iconic costumes below and admire the elegance of an era where structure, silhouette and killer facial expressions could elevate anything into a true form of art. Let us know what your reactions are to Miss Nazimova!

— Alinnette Hernandez


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