Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: Savannah, Georgia

In my recent excursion to Savannah, Georgia for a family reunion I was able to check out their local Goodwill. It was considerably small compared to what we’re used to in Orlando but had a pretty intense furniture room. While there I was able to pick up quite a bit of finds! Along with them I found these!

The shirt was a thin Victorian styled shirt with these great collar tip detail. Even though it was long sleeved, the light weight of the material was able to keep me cool. Georgia definitely had a better climate than Florida to begin with so humidity wasn’t too much of a problem. Along with the shirt I found this beautiful corduroy maxi skirt with a fruit and flower pattern on it…complete with pockets! Although corduroy is usually heavy, this was a relatively light weight so heat wasn’t too much of problem. Both came out to be around $5 in total.

For comfort I went with my Target sandals that were $7. We did quite of bit of walking around town to get to the perfect neighborhood. With my thrifted outfit totaling $12, I felt right in place while saving LOADS of money.

— Sarah Hoffman


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