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Style Cadet: Bonnaroo Edition


Bonnaroo, one of the most famous music festivals ever, sadly came to an end this past weekend. With legendary musicians like Paul McCartney performing, this was a once in a lifetime experience. I had the time of my life, but for those of you that couldn’t make it I gave you a little (fashionable) peek of what you would see at Bonnaroo. Not only music-crazed teenagers came to the festival; mixed in with the masses were celebrities like Alexa Chung. In here I have both Style Cadets and Style Celebs for you to gawk over, and some tips of what you can wear when you grace the Bonnaroo campgrounds next year! Style Cadets of Bonnaroo


Name: Paige Ellington

Style description: Fashionably random, abstract and bold, old school patterns, free-form silhouettes.

What she’s wearing: Top, vintage; Skirt, vintage; Necklace, Man Made Souls; Hat, vintage.

Festival fashion lesson: Paige has on some vital festival must-haves. Her hat is oversized and floppy; great for covering your head in the hot, hot sun! Loose, mini skirts are convenient because they aren’t suffocating or sweaty like jean shorts can be, but still show off your deliciously tan legs. They provide some breeze to your thighs and if they are loose enough, won’t ride up as you dance.


Name: Hannah-Rose Freedner

Style description: Western chic, baby doll, neutral tones, classic designs.

What she’s wearing: Dress, vintage; Boots, Nasty Gal; Bag, vintage; Bandana, thrifted

Festival fashion lesson: Buy an over-the-shoulder bag that’s a decent size, which means large enough to fit your wallet, phone, sunscreen, and any other festival essentials. Make sure the bag is thick, secure, and can be fastened safely when you’re in a crowded pit or even at your campsite. Music festivals may be full of loving, peaceful people, but don’t forget that it can also attract some crazies or thieves.

Style Celebs of Bonnaroo


Name: Alexa Chung

Style description: Casual street wear, quirky-cool, effortless simplicity.

What she’s wearing: Cropped rain boots, Target; Angora Sweater, Vintage.

Festival fashion lesson: DON’T WEAR AN ANGORA SWEATER. Love ya girl, but speaking from the perspective of someone who was there this past weekend… You’d die in thick fuzz and long sleeves. She looks like a dream, but a tiny, strapless Angora crop top would’ve been a little bit more realistic. Still, she is one of my favorite style icons and I had to include her! Keep your outfits simple and your coverage, minimal. Also, look out for cropped rain boots… They’re about to blow up as a huge summer trend.


Name: Ashlee Hardee Brown (of the soft-punk, country band Matrimony)

Style description: Girlie grunge, southern bell, cutesy trimmings, bold accessories.

What she’s wearing: Levi overalls, thrifted; Shirt, Topshop; Lace bike shorts, Forever 21; Sunglasses, Urban Outfitters.

Festival fashion lesson: This outfit is super flirty; she dresses down, but stays classy. Overalls are one of the most prominent summer fads, especially over in Europe. Designers like Kinder Aggugini, Isabel Marant, 3.1 Phillip Lim, and Rebecca Minkoff had overall-inspired looks in their collections. Sheer or chiffon pieces also come in handy because they’re light, cool, and don’t make you sweat.

See you there next summer!

— Kelsey Lyon


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