City Style: Philadelphia

ImageHi! My name is Tiff and I’m a new member of the iconic team. Welcome to the first blog from the Tiff Travels series. I love exploring new parts of our country and of our world, and I want to take you with me! I’ll show you trends inspired by people, cities and culture. You can geek out over the beautiful places you hope to visit while I show you just how simple it is to bring those looks to your own closet. First stop: the city of brotherly love.


In Philadelphia, the streets are a mix of lively reds, rusty browns, and somber grays. Yet from every window, green plants seem to spill out onto the pavement of the sidewalk. These plants cover the outside of houses, stores, and empty buildings alike, merging one residence into another. The plants transform the never-ending blocks into a living, breathing city. There is no mistaking why it is called the city of brotherly love…people smile and say hello, which I found shocking in such a big city. Animals frequent the streets, and there are even some street vendors giving out dog treats on the corner of Independence Hall. The city seems so close, so interconnected. Even the cars stay inches from each other as they narrowly avoid fender benders and creep down the streets. The fashion in Philly reflects the thoughts of the people there: cool, calm, collected.


Just like their city, these Philadelphians opted for warm shades to blend right in, and just a dash of color to stand out. Accessories show that quality is better than quantity, and Philly could not agree more. A few pieces of statement jewelry (if any) were worn to accentuate slim wrists and lovely faces. Every outfit made the wearer seem put together and in control. Even the evening wear had a sense of sensibility. The office wear was hip and always accentuated by a fun tie, a colorful purse, or delightfully unique heels. Jackets, on the other hand, were very similar from one person to the next. Military jackets could be seen at any point and time on any given street, while peacock coats had the ladies enthralled. The colors of jackets were your standard browns, blues, grays and blacks. Colors that bombarded the sweaters underneath seemed reason enough to dull down the overcoat.


To mimic the Philadelphia look for my time in the city, I choose a relatively standard out fit with a few details that added pizazz. A black scoop-neck tee started the ensemble, followed by some calf-long denim capris. The capris and tee kept me cool walking a few miles in the morning sun, but easily switched to keep out the winds and slight chills by evening time. A black belt with a gold buckle matched my navy blue and gold earrings perfectly. The pyramid-shaped studs match my blue boat shoes as well. For the final piece, I added a pop of color…a red cross-body bag that complemented my hair color. Now I’m all set to tour the city in my easy-breezy Philadelphia inspired outfit!

— Tiff VanDesande


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