Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: Clothing Swap Success (pt. 2)


The swap this past weekend was awesome! If you missed out, check out Other People’s Property Facebook to find out when the next one is, she has them about every 3 months, so never fear! One of my many favorite finds from the swap is this red and cream vintage dress with a crossed over back and iridescent buttons. I am absolutely in love with it! It was a little too big for me so I used a thick belt to create some shape so it didn’t look so frumpy. I got the belt at a goodwill in Sebastian (my hometown) while I was in high school for around $2.


I didn’t accessorize much with this dress because it’s pretty bold in itself. I just went with some dark lips, close to the dress’s color and my dark brown gladiator sandals from Target. I got these bad boys on sale for $7. I love a good maxi dress, but never know what shoes to wear. Because the dress is mid-calf length, I got a chance to show my shoes of a bit. For a total of around $9.50 for this outfit, I would say swaps are a definite money saver when you’re tight on cash for clothes. I find usually 20+ items I LOVE and it’s only $10. If you aren’t near the Orlando area, I suggest you to start one in your community, because you never know what you’ll find!



— Sarah Hoffman


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