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DIY Mineral Key-Chain Necklace


As the temperature rises so does my desire to incorporate a lot more color into my wardrobe. Being a student I do not have a lot to spend on new pieces so I like to try and make ones instead .
I found this key chain while visiting the Black Market Mineral Shop in Old Town in Kissimmee, FL. In the store there was a dollar section – definitely my kind of price! I fell in love with this magenta mineral key chain. It’s rich magenta color was so cute and it exuded this bohemian feel.
I thought I would nix the key chain idea and instead use a few materials and a couple steps to create a new summer necklace all for around $6.

This tutorial gives you the flexibility to use so many different pendants. Really try to take advantage of wearing something interesting!

Mineral Key Chain Necklace –

Key Chain
2 Sizes of O Rings (You can get about 50 rings in three different styles for around $1.89.)
Metal Chain (I got about 100 yards for about $2.35.)
2 Pliers (optional)
Necklace Clasp (I found an old necklace that had turned a funky color … so free.)



1. Measure out the desired length of chain you would like for the necklace. Undo from rest of chain.

2. Disconnect the key chain from the mineral.

3. Using the pliers or your hands, bend each end of a larger O ring away from each other as such.
4. Slip the mineral on to the larger O Ring and then close it.
5. You are now going to construct the clasp part of the necklace. Using the smaller O rings, loop multiple rings together to make a chain using the above technique. After each ring is added bend each end back to their original position.


On the last ring slip the clasp part of the necklace and close ring


End Result.


8. On the free end of the necklace slip on the mineral, then take free end and slip it on to an open O ring.
9. Bend back together.


Your new necklace is now complete. Try on for length making any adjustments as desired.

I paired with a solid top for a pop of color in your everyday wear or with a bright top for tropical look, like I did.

A great piece of summer jewelry for a great price!

— Ariana Cooper


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