Angelina Jolie Stole My Bucketlist


If ever there was a woman of our generation who deserves to be scribed into history as just plain remarkable, it is Angelina Jolie. Even autocorrect recognises her name, much like everyone else around the world.

Of course there are plenty of women who share this global fame, so what sets Ms. Jolie apart from the rest of the flock? It’s not just her effortless grace and enviable style. In fact, it’s quite simple; she stole my bucketlist.

  1. Breaking the gender stereotype for women: Before I recognised her iconic lips, I knew her as the gun toting, female Indiana Jones in the movie Lora Croft’s Tomb Raider. No one pulls off booty shorts, gun holsters and cameo like she can, including Destiny’s Child.

  2. Wear a vile of my lover’s blood around my neck: I’d do this as a joke or dare, but Angelina being the strong, bold woman that she is, wore this vampiric accessory on the red carpet once upon a time.

  3. Inspire an international trend (or two): Yes, I’m referring to the image that instantly sparked in your mind when you read “Jolie”. The full, voluptuous lips that inspired many Hollywood starlets to reach for that filler and gave cosmetic companies the slogan of the century. Before Angelina, small, rosebud lips stemming from Victorian culture were all the rage. Now, it’s all about plumpers and bold lips. I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart for that one.


  4. Adopt children from different ethnicities: Moving a bit away from fashion, Angelina Jolie has set an example Not only is she a shining example of single motherhood but of unity and cultural diversity as well. Brad Pitt (someone I’d also like to be engaged to) and have two biological children while the other four are adopted from various under developed countries including Cambodia, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.

  5. Be a UN Ambassador: other than adopting children, she has a remarkable track record of humanitarian work ranging from helping AIDS victims to opening an all girls school in Afghanistan as wellas donating thousands in charity. She has so much more to teach us than just style.

  6. And finally, the reason Angelina Jolie has found a place in our hearts and  in every headline; Empowering women to seek health and wellness above ALL:  After discovering she had the gene for breast cancer along with a 87% chance of developing it, she elected to undergo a double mastectomy. Meaning she opted to have her breasts removed, a physical attribute that woman and man alike hold dear. To do something like that takes great courage and strength and in an open letter to the Times, she explained why. It was for herself, but mostly for her children.  She underwent the surgery so they could live knowing that they wouldn’t lose their mother to breast cancer, like Angelina lost hers.


So, lets all take a cue from Ms. Jolie and carry ourselves with dignity and elegance, have a helping hand, brandish some bold lips and always, always place health before public opinion.

— Maha Qureshi


6 thoughts on “Angelina Jolie Stole My Bucketlist

  1. She has led such an incredible life! I didn’t know she did so much for the world as well. And thank goodness for full lips 🙂 Excellent article!

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