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How to Master a Cat Eye with Scotch Tape

A few months ago, I came across an article on something everyone was running for to add to their makeup collection: scotch tape. I seriously thought it was a joke at first but then more sticky things came about: nail decals, eyeliner decals, eyeshadow decals — I’m convinced that the future of makeup is peel and stick. While I certainly hope this isn’t true, there are a few things that interest me that may be of aide; example: mastering a cat eye with scotch tape. I’ve always been a fan of cat eyes since the first time I saw a picture of Françoise Hardy. Of course, countless other fashion icons have donned this look but no other struck me as stunning as she is. So in honor of ’60s queen, Françoise and all my favorite ’40s actresses, here’s a little guide to mastering the cat eye the stencil way.


Obtain a roll of scotch tape (any will do), a gel eyeliner and an angled brush. I use Maybelline Eyestudio’s “Blackest Black”. It’s super cheap, great quality, and will last you forever. One of these little pots lasts me over a year, using very frequently. If you don’t have gel eyeliner, I really recommend it! It gives you a seamless finish that liquid and pencil don’t achieve and there’s no need to reapply throughout the day.



Forget the eyeshadow, adhesive eyelashes, bronzers, etc. Start off with a good moisturizer and a swipe of your favorite lipstick. Let your facial features come through naturally whether it be your cheeks, eye color, brows, lashes — find it and let it be!



Take a small strip of tape and cut it in half. Using the first half, gently tape it to the outside corner or your eye (following your bottom lash line) and slant it. This will determine the angle of your cat eye so be precise! As a general rule, let it point to the edge of your eyebrow otherwise it may be too extreme. Using your second half of tape, stick it to your eyelid to form a triangle point on the outside edge. Leave some space between your lash line and the edge of the tape. This will determine the thickness of your line.



You can get as crazy as you’d like on this step. All you do is simply fill it in and let the stencil pick up all your dirty work. I sometimes purposely get out of the lines just for fun. Seriously — it’s like being that little rebellious kindergartener who colored outside the lines.



This is the most exciting step. Gently peel off your pieces of tape and let it reveal the most perfect line ever.



After peeling, your line should look like this. If you missed any sections, feel free to smooth it all out with your brush.



Go through the same steps for your other eye and voilà! The straightest cat eyes you have ever created. Experiment with different lengths and thicknesses of cat eyes to find the one that best suits you. Let us know how it went!


– Alinnette Hernandez


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