Sarah’s Thrift of the Week: Clothing Swap Success


Due to the upcoming clothing swap by Other People’s Property, I’ve dedicated this week to clothing swap successes. Swaps are a great way to save some money and get rid of old clothes at the same time! The basic idea is to bring your clothes to be laid out with everyone’s clothes. When it comes time, everyone is able to go in and stuff as many clothes as they want into their bags! I personally love the idea of it and believe it’s a great way to save money and get loads of clothes! There is also a shopping part with Other People’s Property selling awesome vintage, Sweet Serendipity selling floral crowns and others with cupcakes, coffee and wine!


To start off, my first find was this awesome sleeveless button up with a wild flower pattern. I loved it right when I picked it up! It’s pretty light weight and obviously sleeveless so it’s perfect for a Florida summer outfit. Next up is the Free People denim circle skirt with Navajo patterned buttons…my favorite find! This skirt seriously goes with everything in this light wash AND has pockets: perfection. From all the stuff I went home with, I ended up paying about $0.50/item. When I go to clothing swaps, I don’t only aim to get some awesome finds but also some interesting t-shirts that would look good cut up. Shirts usually cost around $1-2 at a thrift store but you can experiment with shirts you pick up at a swap for close to nothing, depending on how much you pick up while you’re there.


Some non-swap finds I used was my brown woven floppy hat I got on sale at Pac Sun for $10. It took me forever to find just the right hat and for the right price, but Pac Sun has some pretty good sales that helps a frugal girl out. I got my brown combat boots from Target for about $35. A bit of a splurge for myself but they were totally worth it. To go with those I got these cream knee high socks from Forever 21 for $4. For a total of about $50.00 for the whole outfit, and more than half of that is for the boots, I’d say it’s definitely worth going to swaps!



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