Tips From Your Style Captain: 7 Ways To Stay Comfy, Cute, and Cool For Summer


As much as we love dressing up and being the best fashionistas we can be, it’s difficult to stay comfy and cool in the summertime. This season let comfort be a main priority, you’ll have the rest of the year to wear those Jeffrey Campbell’s or that dress that takes you twenty minutes to put on. Here’s my list of comfy must-haves for this summer:

1. Yoga Shorts: They’re so form fitting and lightweight at the same time! Wear these whether you’re working out, running errands, or having a few drinks at the pool with your friends. The best part is they make your butt look great, no matter how small. Victoria’s Secret has a great deal for their line of yoga shorts that are 2 for $40 right now, check them out at


2. Loose Crop Tops: A simple, obvious choice that’s most likely already in our closets. Crop tops will forever be adorable with your mom’s old, high-waisted jorts from the 70s. They’re oh-so convenient for those unbearably hot days.
3. Lounge pants: Are the new sweat pants! Instead of wearing those old, baggy sweats, try this hybrid-pant that’s kind of like your yoga pants, but looser and made out of thinner fabric. They’ll hug your hips just right, but you’ll get a breeze when outside because of the unrestricting pant legs. I just got a hot pink pair from Mossimo at Target for $17 and absolutely love them.
4. The Beanie: I’m definitely biased when it comes to beanies because I’m personally a huge fan and wear one almost everyday. A fine beanie WILL NOT make your head sweat when it’s hot out; it WILL hold your perfectly straight hair in place all day and keep anyone from seeing your greasy hair in such humid weather. Take a look at this guide from Zumiez for 8 different ways to wear a beanie (most ways apply to both girls and guys!),


5. The Grandma Sweater: These oversized favorites of ours are only comfortable for those rainy days of summer, but we all know we get enough of those in Florida. They come in all sorts of colors and designs, and you can find tons of cheap ones at your local thrift store.
6. No Bra: I know this might not be entirely possible for every girl as puberty definitely blessed some girls with a little more than others… But going braless can be so freeing and comfy. I’m not telling you to wear a sheer button-up and try this, no, no, no! When you wear your cute band tees, loose-fitting tops, or any shirt made out of thicker material, not wearing a bra is completely acceptable. If you’re still not completely ok with this, a cotton bandeau is still a more relaxed option.
7. Free-form Dresses: In other words, the modern-day hippie dress… These are those thin, free flowing dresses. Tye-die and acid washed patterns are hot for summer, so look out for those t-shirt and baby doll styles that are perfect for beach days and summer music fests.



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